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Photo within Chiang Mai by Stephane Canal

About the Kalamazoo College Program in Chiang Mai

Program Overview

Students gathering at the ISDSI office. (2018 )

The Thailand, Chiang Mai Long-Term: Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability study abroad program with Kalamazoo College run by the International Sustainability Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) in partnership with Payap University. The following few sentences are from the ISDSI K program website – you can read more here!

The K Thailand program is a deep dive into Thai culture and language, as well as an opportunity to take unique classes about contemporary issues in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Students on the program focus on understanding language, culture and society, and environmental studies and social justice.

Fast Facts


The program takes place primarily in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Throughout the semester, there are also three extended study excursions which last for 1 week each. These excursions will take place in a Lowland Thai, a Mountain Hill Tribe village, and in the Coastal region of Thailand.

Program Length

This is a long-term program which means it takes place for two quarters at Kalamazoo College. The program lasts for fall and winter quarters, approximately 24 weeks.

Areas of Study

The main areas of study include environmental sustainability, social justice, and Thai language. There’s also an internship at the end of the program that allows students to explore a subject of interest to them. Participants of the program receive 6 K units.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Produce at a market in Chiang Mai. Photo from
  • I’m studying abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand from the end of August 2019 until the end of February in 2020. This website may not seem very complete, especially during my first few weeks, but I will be adding more to it throughout the program!
  • This website will have blog-like entries and pictures from my experience in Chiang Mai, and resources about study abroad at Kalamazoo College and the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. To navigate, use the menu at the top of the site. For best results, view this site on a computer rather than a smart phone.
  • The information on this site is filtered through my perspective. While I try to be objective and present facts, some of my writing will be shaped through my experiences and identities.