Week 6/7: A Day in the Life on the K Thailand Program

Hello – it’s been a little while since my last post. Since arriving back to Payap University from my first home stay in a village, I have been busier with school and have a pretty regular routine. It’s been a nice two weeks with some new things here and there, but for this post, I’ve decided to go in depth to one day here. I hope you enjoy it!

Before Class: On weekdays I wake up at 7:30 am! Sometimes I lay in bed a few minutes past my alarm, but with the morning heat, it makes it hard to stay in bed too late. We do have AC in the dorm rooms but it gets too cold at night. Anyways, our school uniforms make getting dressed in the morning a breeze. I wear a white button-up short sleeve shirt and a longer black skirt to school – wearing skirts all the time was a bit of an adjustment, but I actually really like the uniform! Anyways, then I head down to breakfast from the cafeteria. The cafeteria is on the first floor of our dorm building which is very convenient. Breakfast is a buffet style food line usually equipped with a classic Thai food – either Pad Thai or fried rice, some kind of egg, toast, fruit, and coffee. After breakfast, I either bike or walk to school. We (students from K) tend to get to school 15 – 20 minutes early, so we sit at tables in the commons area and study Thai.

Above: Reviewing Thai in the commons of the building before class

Thai Class: I have Thai class from 9:30 am to 11:30 am from Monday through Thursdays. I really enjoy Thai class! My class has four students and one teacher in it so we have a lot of time for personal instruction. Our class is very conversation based with additional focus on reading and writing. It’s really cool learning something in the classroom and then using it in conversation so soon after. The class is structured so that we have quizzes every Monday with additional tests and projects every few weeks.

My Thai Classroom!

Lunch: We have a 1.5 hour break for lunch before our afternoon class. Usually I go to our campus “food canteen” for lunch. The canteen is a cluster of small restaurants with a common sitting area in the middle all under a roofed area. There’s a good selection of food to get for great prices, but I typically go to one place for my lunch. The owners are very kind and they help us with Thai – not to mention their food is great! Anyways there’s also places to get smoothies or bubble tea, and there’s food carts near by with lots of good desserts. I tend to hang out at the canteen for the whole lunch unless I need to go over a presentation or study with a classmate.

Left: My favorite treat from a cart by the canteen. Right: Walking to afternoon class.

Afternoon Class: K students take 3 additional classes in the afternoon. Each class meets once per week from 1 – 3. We take a social justice course, a course on societies and culture of Southeast Asia, and a course on environmental sustainability. Each class has been very interesting so far, and because our class is so small, they involve lots of discussion.

Classroom for my environmental sustainability class

Evening: After classes, I go back to my dorm, change out of my school uniform, and relax a bit before starting hw. I’ll watch TV (Thai Netflix has so many fun things on it), workout at the gym, or bike to a cafe near by. We eat dinner in the cafeteria of our dorm building – they normally serve rice with another dish and fruit. We eat a lot of guava, dragon fruit, pineapple, and watermelon here. There’s a 7-11 pretty close to our dorm, so after dinner, we often walk to 7-11 to get an ice cream bar or other snack. Afterwards, I start on my homework. For Thai, we’ll have a worksheet or something similar, but I also have to study it a lot. I have made so many flashcards since I’ve been here. The other classes give out homework, but not too much. Since the classes meet once per week, I usually do that homework on the weekends. After homework, I just hangout until it’s time for bed.

Ice cream snack in the evening 🙂

This has been a day in the life on my study abroad program. The weekends tend to look pretty different. On Fridays we go on field trips to somewhere in the area – last week we went to a paper making village. On the weekends we are free to do whatever – it’s been fun finding hikes to go on and new parts of the city to explore! For more pictures, be sure to check out my pictures page here!

2 thoughts on “Week 6/7: A Day in the Life on the K Thailand Program

  1. Wow Margaret. What an amazing experience. And you take some fabulous photos. I’m particularly loving the cloud formations. The bamboo bridge is so perfect. Is is very old? Keep living it too the fullest
    Love, Martha


  2. Hi Margaret! Your mom & I are in Sunset Stitching Sisters together in Washougal. We used to enjoy newsletters from your mom with darling photos of you and Morgan.
    It is AMAZING to see how your life has developed!!! Keep enjoying and your blog is great!!! Thanks for sharing!


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