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Week 25: The Last Hurrah!

My last week in Thailand- it was very action packed and fun, a great way to finish off my time there! Part 1: Pai I ended my last post describing some of my goodbyes on Saturday afternoon (read here) – Emily (my traveling companion) and I departed Chiang Mai quickly that Saturday afternoon for anContinue reading “Week 25: The Last Hurrah!”

Weeks 22-24: Wrapping Up Thailand

Hello! It has been awhile, in fact, I’m actually back in the US as I’m writing this! The last few weeks of my time in Thailand were wonderful, and I found myself trying to soak up the last of my experience rather than write about it. This post is about my last few weeks atContinue reading “Weeks 22-24: Wrapping Up Thailand”

Weeks 18 – 21: Internship

Hello! I can’t believe it’s already the end of January – this month flew by! This month I’ve been working at my internship with Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures. I’ve been busy, but I get to work with great people and spend time outdoors so I’ve enjoyed it! During free time, I’ve been making theContinue reading “Weeks 18 – 21: Internship”

Week 15: Mod Ta Noi Village Homestay

For our third village stay, we traveled down to a smaller fishing community in Southern Thailand called Mod Ta Noi. It was an amazing week- I will forever cherish my time there! After reading more about it, be sure to look at the rest of the photos here! Summary: To get to Mod Ta NoiContinue reading “Week 15: Mod Ta Noi Village Homestay”

Weeks 14 and 16: Finishing Class and Bangkok

Wow I have been so busy since my last post a few weeks ago! I’ve finished my last week of classes, went on a weekend trip to Bangkok, went to my last host stay in a Southern Thai village, then moved out of the dorms at Payap University and into an apartment. I’m going toContinue reading “Weeks 14 and 16: Finishing Class and Bangkok”

Week 13: Camping and Thanksgiving

Summary For our Friday field trip on 22/11/2019, our class went to the MAIIAM museum as part of our social justice class. The MAIIAM is a privately owned contemporary art museum, so it was able to have some really powerful artwork relating to systemic issues in Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia that wouldn’tContinue reading “Week 13: Camping and Thanksgiving”

Week 10: Chiang Rai and PhaMon Village Homestay

Hello! I’m a bit behind my posting schedule because last week I was on a homestay in a Northern Hill Tribe Village- it was a great experience and I had a lot to write about! Before leaving for the village, my group and I also went to visit Chiang Rai, another prominent city in theContinue reading “Week 10: Chiang Rai and PhaMon Village Homestay”

Week 9: Zip-lining and Reading

Hello and happy Halloween! Most people don’t celebrate Halloween in Thailand, but today was plenty spooky as we had a Thai reading fluency test. Anyways, here is what I’ve been up to during my ninth week in Thailand! Summary: I had a pretty mellow weekend. On Friday we didn’t have an outing because we hadContinue reading “Week 9: Zip-lining and Reading”